creating the next generation of indoor farming

Just enough production

no food waste or shortage; no loss of money

Energy efficient

less energy needed per gram nutrition value

no pesticides

no environmental damage; healthier food

90% less water used

than traditional growing

‘around the corner’

no transportation CO₂; no ‘injured fruits’

Just-in-time harvesting

always ripe & fresh


tailored growing recipes; our future: plants include medicines

Secure & safe

safe food for everybody

Here, There & Everywhere

We are on a mission to contribute to a world where everybody will have access to secure and safe food. Food grown in energy efficient, modular controlled habitats: using 90% less water and ZERO pesticides. Grown locally in order to reduce transportation and pollution. Harvested at the perfect time, fresh & ripe. Accessible, nutritious, tasty and affordable. We are growing the food every human has the right to eat. We are on a mission. We are:

Here, there and Everywhere
Here, There & Everywhere icoon
  • Here, there and everywhere Tower
  • Port of Rotterdam
  • Chinese city

What we do:

Together with our partners we build turnkey indoor farming projects and we provide long term technical and growing support.

Here, there & Everywhere

Plants can reach their full potential
in our indoor farms:

  • Crop specific growing recipes for breeding, young plants and production
  • PRIVA climate-control
  • PRIVA irrigation & fertigation control
  • State of the art LED-lighting
  • On-line monitoring and support
  • Growing conditions based on mathematical models
Indoor farming

Who we are

We merge the knowhow and experience of PRIVA (since 1959) with the knowhow and experience of Gertjan and Lianne Meeuws (since 1989).


Here, There & Everywhere B.V.
Zijlweg 3
2678 LC De Lier
The Netherlands


Plenty of food for the planet